Provillus | Best hair Growth Supplements in the Market?

hair growth supplementsIf you are experiencing hair loss like the rest of the world, you must be baffled by thousands of hair growth supplements in the market.

The selections of hair growth supplements are limitless and you don’t know where to start.

The truth is… 80% of the hair growth supplements are worthless and a waste of your money.

It might be worthwhile to take a look into Provillus and see the result consumers are having.

Why is Provillus the Best Hair Growth Supplements?

It is hard to say if Provillus is the best for you. Everyone has different causes for hair loss and you might be more effective in using a different product. But, Provillus is said to be the best as it tackles different causes altogether. You should take note that Provillus is FDA-approved, so you can rest assure on its safety.


Provillus is effective as it uses Minoxidil as its topical solutions. It understands how much percentage of the solution one man or woman requires.

That is the reason for Provillus success.

Other hair growth formula don’t know the exact composition of Minoxidil to function effectively.

Provillus for men uses 5% minoxidil topical solution; And Provillus for women uses 2% only.

Other hair growth supplements use minoxidil as their main ingredient too. For example, Rogaine uses Minoxidil as their active ingredient. What makes Provillus so different than any other products out there?

Minerals and Vitamins

There is another reason for Provillus effectiveness. It uses natural supplements to create the perfect condition for healthy hair.

It has other ingredients like magnesium, zinc, vitamin B6, etc…

You can check out our other post if you’re interested in reading more on the ingredients.
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sad manIn essence, it has the solution bottle and the capsule bottle. Both of these makes the best pair. For one, the Minoxidil solution increases the size of Follicle. And the nutrient capsule creates the perfect condition for a healthy hair.

Women’s body and men’s body are different. That is why Provillus has two different version of it. The ingredients in it are different too.

If you are still confused as too which hair growth supplements to try, why not give Provillus a few months?

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