Provillus vs Rogaine

Provillus v RogaineHair growth product industry is a $3.5 billion in size industry. There are over hundreds of hair growth products word wide. It must be confusing on which one to choose from.

The most notable comparison of two of the most popular products is Provillus vs Rogaine.

They both are compared a lot as they are the front line of hair growth products and cuis

In this comparison, we will breakdown what are the differences between these two and whether you should buy Provillus or Rogaine.



The first difference between those two is the ingredients.

Rogaine contains Monoxidil, it is the only active ingredient in the product.

Minoxidil  is responsible for the increase the size of your hair follicles. Which can results in hair growth.

However, Provillus not only contains Minoxidil, but also other active ingredients. It contains natural herbs that prevent formation of DHT. The formation of DHT will cause your hair follicle to shrink. Provillus combat this problem by preventing the formation of DHT.

Provillus also contains various Vitamins, biotins and zinc. They are all essential in maintaining a hair growth.

In Rogaine, you will need to consume other multivitamin to supplement yourself.  This will cause you waste more money as you need to buy other supplements.

Are they safe

Minoxidil is a FDA approved ingredient for hair loss. Also, both Provillus and Rogaine are both approved by FDA to help regrow hair. So you can rest assure and use them.


Ease of usage

Provillus is easier to use than Rogaine. Rogaine is messy as you need to apply medication to your scalp. Provillus is just a spray where you just spray the affected area. Other than that, you will need to consume capsules too.

Thus, if you require something that works quickly in this busy life, go for Provillus.

Which product works?

They both works! Minoxidil has proven again and again to help in regrow hair. If you only want the minoxidil effect without all the added herbs and vitamins, go for it.

Otherwise, go for Provillus as it is better at regrow hair and maintain a healthy hair

You can’t go wrong with both of these products.


For Rogaine, it is at about $29 for a month supply. It does not have any money back guaranteed.

For Provillus, it is at about $50 for a month supply. You can get free monthly supply if you buy more.

It has 90 days money back guaranteed. However, take note in the FAQ “You may return any unused and unopeneditem purchased from us for any reason within ninety (90) days of your purchasefor a refund of the purchase price.”

This could mean that you can only get refund for unopened products.

Product Comparison Chart

  • Ingredients
Minoxidil + Other Natural herbs and vitaminsOnly Minoxidil
  • FDA-Approved
  • Ease of Usage
Spray and consumptionApply to scalp
  • Price
  • Money-back Guarantee
90 daysNo



They are both good product. If I had to choose one between Provillus vs Rogaine, I would choose Provillus. It is the product with the most value, I would highly recommend Provillus. If you haven’t already, check out our Provillus reviews post.

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